The first post is always the worst, so let’s get this out of the way shall we?  Maybe you’ve stumbled upon me by accident or been sent here by a friend, I guess it doesn’t matter.  The things I write here are bound to be intensely personal and telling, making you question why I’d say them out loud in a public forum at all.  The truth is:  I have no shame.  I am unapologetic at best and completely insensitive at worst.  I write to hash things out, to leave my mark, to express opinion, and, to an ultimate degree, to connect with the world around me.

I’ve been, for as long as I can remember, overwhelmed by the need to fit in, to belong to the world around me: to be cherished and valued and needed.  This need has evolved over the years, and I find that though I’m still plagued with it, I no longer indulge it by changing who I am for the court of public opinion.

I am who I am, fuck it.  I generally like me.  I find me funny.  And witty.  And smart.  (and unforgivably dumb).  I recognize my clumsy stumbling and my angry transgressions.   I have an inflated sense of justice and truth is the cornerstone on which I place all my apples–any failing of mine begins and ends there, with either too much or not enough truth.

Here, I will record the world as I interpret it, and be honest about my judgements and predjudices.  I am a bad liar, and prone to snap judgements…the good thing is, I change my mind a lot.  I invite you to hang on and follow me.  Maybe I’ll change your mind, or you’ll change mine.  Either way, I don’t particularly care, as long as I’m able to just GET OUT THERE.


One thought on “the first step’s a doozy!

  1. Good for you, I say, good for you madam. Sometimes public expression can be very theraputic. I for one am looking forward to reading your rants and raves about the world surrounding you, as I’m not there to listen to it personally. Miss you guys.

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