If you’ll direct your attention to the right of my page, you’ll see a link for the Reverb10 site.  It’s a blogging/tweeting/photo challenge that’s taking place during the entire month of December, and it’s the main push behind me starting this blog to begin with.  Touting itself as  a chance to “reflect on your year and manifest what’s next”, it’s an opportunity (in my mind), to find clarity and move forward.

Each day, participants will be given a different prompt to which they respond in their chosen medium.  Mine is obviously the printed word, and I invite you to follow my journey here.  I’ve got some things to say (no?!), and I suspect that tossing them out into the anonymous  cyber-void might be slightly more productive and engaging than rehashing them with my reflection in the mirror.

Click the link.  Take a look.  Join me, starting tomorrow for what’s certain to be an eye-opening adventure.


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