What social gathering knocked your socks off in 2010?  Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.   (Author:  Shauna Reid)

I think not.  The second I read this prompt, I couldn’t stop thinking how stupid it sounded.  Granted, finishing it would be a form of reflection, but in the end, who cares?  Who wants to read about some party I went to and what people were wearing?  I mean, I spent two and a half months this past summer traveling home and spending time with family and old friends.  The idea of recounting even the highlight reel of this trip is exhausting, not to mention, completely pointless.

BUT….I signed up for the challenge and finish it I will. Rather than bore you, dear reader, with pages of descriptions of people and places you don’t know, I decided the best way to participate today was through photos.  Here’s a glimpse into my life over the past year.  Enjoy!

I held my *first ever!* newborn baby this year.  It was during the Rose Bowl (Go Buckeyes!) and he slept through the entire ordeal.  After this, I was forced to admit that babies aren’t as scary as I’d originally thought.

A Little Elf

I helped my friend D ring in her 30th birthday on a girls’ weekend trip to Astoria, OR.  We found the Goonies House, the Mystery Machine and countless other treasures.  It was rainy in the classic Pacific Northwest way and I cherish every second.

The Goonies House!

My husband (not pictured) and I  hauled our asses out of bed at 4:00am on a number of different Saturdays to watch the Six Nations Rugby Tournament at Fado in Seattle.  There aren’t many better ways to start a morning than with an Irish Breakfast, Bloody Marys and whiskey shots.


Rugby is a large part of our life, and this picture was taken the weekend of the DIII Championship Tournament.  It seems tame, but that’s only because I can’t show you the pictures of male genitalia flying around a stripper pole or the various other homoerotic situations that I caught on film.  Suffice to say, a grand time was had by all.

Attempting to look sober

The following are a series from my trip east over the summer.  Friends and family are food for the soul.

The Satellite; Wilmington, NC

The Most Amazing Handmade Margaritas EVER; Papi's Texican Grill-SC

Shots in Asheville, NC

Cabaret Burlesque; Wilmington, NC

Old Friends and a Tiki-Lounge; Patchogue, NY

A Kiss For a Very Pregnant Girlfriend; Shirley, NY

Three Generations of Sicilian Ladies; East Berlin, CT

And finally, come the remaining months of the year upon my return to WA.

L'Ecole Winery; Walla Walla, WA

Hallowe'en with The Quake; Port Orchard, WA

Thanks for your indulgence (if you’re even still reading).  Hopefully tomorrow’s prompt will be more insightful and interesting.  Cheers!


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