Spread the Love

I’ve been religiously doing these Reverb10 posts since the beginning of the month and have enjoyed roughly half of the prompts.

What I just realized today, was that I have a handful of ‘regulars’ who visit me, well, regularly, and do me the honor of commenting.  Up until this point, I’d declined from responding to the majority of those comments, because, I’m frankly bad at accepting compliments.

Being as it’s #FF, I think I’ll take a moment to acknowledge those folks.  Their blogs all resonate with me in some way (perhaps it’s the interwebz’ form of fate that they’ve found me?) and I’d like to share them with you.

1. Leslie writing at pinuppink.livejournal.com/

2.  Arlene writing at botchedoptimist.com (okay, special note, this woman is hilarious.  Do yourself a favor, start HERE.  But make sure you go and pee first.)

3.  Andre writing at dresramblings.com/2010/12/07/reverb10-searching-f…

4.  Brad writing at cheveuxgris.blogspot.com/

5.  Marie writing at mckinneyoatescereal.wordpress.com/2010/12/12/the-…

6.  Elizabeth writing at sidneyport.blogspot.com/

7.  Another Elizabeth writing at blog.elizabethhoward.net (I’m in love with her blog.  She’s funny, and her dad had a tool bench with coffee cans and cubby holes just like mine.)

8.  brandeewine writing at brandeewine.wordpress.com

9.  Lady Kaye writing at designfits.wordpress.com

10.  Emily writing at brokedownartist.blogspot.com/


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