In a store, I discover,

a hole in my ear

And everything is leaking out onto the floor.


My inside thoughts are seeping their way outside in a slowlavaooze  and I’m staring down in alarm and this liquiddark stain is spreading like molasses in a snuff film.

It doesn’t hurt and world, in a muffle, dances on down a loooong foreshortened hallway past my hollow numb sockets.

I’m staring at this stain,

and at my ear,

and at this stain,

and one is growing and the other is shrinking and I just kind of rest my hands at my sides palms outward.

suspended in solution,

slow-motion leak,

deadened head underwater.

Rasping air pressing past a pressure narrowed pathway,

and on and on, that viscous trickle,


because the seam gave way.


4 thoughts on “i fall apart when no one’s watching

  1. I wasn’t ready for the layout change, even though i knew it was coming … it think “slowlavaooze” should be added to the dictionary!

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