A few days ago–well, probably closer to a week, you must forgive me, being jobless makes it hard to keep track of slipping time–I was surprised and honored to be mentioned by @ourladybeth in an initiative for bloggers.  (If you go and see her new blog HERE, you’ll understand almost immediately why I continue to read her words and why it made me feel good inside that I was on her list.)  I decided to participate for a number of different reasons, but mostly, because my writing has stalled of late and I find myself in desperate need of a jumpstart.

The official rules can be found HERE.  There doesn’t seem to be a general purpose or goal, but I myself am hoping to be able to look back on what I’ve written in order to find a clear path forward.  I think listing all links at once might be a bit messy and cumbersome, so, to clean up the process a bit, I’ll be posting one or two links per week until I’ve made it through all of them.  Take a look.  Let me know if you remember them.  Leave your feedback and your suggestions.  Let me know if you think a different post would have been a better fit in any particular category.  Help me power through the muck so that I can make you laugh again.

Here goes nothing:

1.  My most beautiful post:

Core Story:  written as a participant in the Reverb10 challenge last December.  Original date: 31 December 2010

I do this odd thing, sometimes, when I’m writing:  I obsessively DEFINE.  Sometimes it’s a moment, others it’s a location or a feeling.  Regardless of the subject, I grasp and strangle to DEFINE it perfectly.  When I’m lucky, these descriptive lists work AND sound pretty at the same time.  This was one such post.


2.  Those I nominate are as follows:

@kimsamsin writing at The Deep Old Desk.  I admire her wordplay and the pictures she paints.

@smallstate writing at Letters From A Small State.

@uncletypewriter writing at Uncletypewriter.  If I have to explain why, it’s clear that you just haven’t read her yet, which was your first mistake.

@kayewaterhouse writing at Design Fits.  I always find two things on her blog:  Something Beautiful/Visually Interesting and Something Funny.

I’m supremely interested in seeing what each person values in her own writing.

2 thoughts on “mostbeautifulpost

  1. Jen, thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely take this on (although right now I can’t think of anything I’ve written that’s controversial…). And thank you for directing me to some new writers. (I’ve just gotten myself distracted by opening all those links.)

    I do remember this Most Beautiful post. It was when I moved you from the “Reverb10” folder in my Google Reader into “keepers” and I have never been sorry. And it is beautiful, it really is, and true besides.

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