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My Most Popular Post:
 On Babies; The First Installment
When I wrote this post, I’d just returned from a trip to see friends wherein I’d heard, secondhand, about some comments made regarding my reproductive choices.  It wasn’t the first or last time someone would question my path.  In fact, many times, the words of judgement rarely wait until I’m out of earshot before flinging themselves from mouths formerly considered friendly.  I was hurt, indignant and angry.  It turns out, I’m not the only one.

One thought on “mostpopularpost

  1. Big yep here. I’m glad this brought people out of the woodwork.

    By the way, there is a public twitter list run by @Schmutzie for the kid-free. I have met some interesting people there. And sometimes it’s just nice to read a stream full of people who are not angsting over toilet training, a gala third birthday, or which sort of backpack is THE socially appropriate backpack for their local elementary school. If you @ her, she’ll add you to it in two shakes.

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