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Most Controversial Post:  Kids These Days…
This was an easy choice for me.  I posted this and was immediately bombarded with comments and not a few private hate mail messages.  It seems that the teachers and administrators that read this post took great offense with what I had to say.  After re-reading it, I must tell you, my opinion hasn’t changed, and is, indeed, more solid than before.  After spending the spring semester as a substitute in various schools around my area, I found great cause for concern in the way our children are being educated, not the least of which was an English unit plan revolving around The Jersey Shore.  Certainly, there are good teachers out there, and not just a couple.  But to ignore the larger problem and stand only on an insistence that one is an exception to this rule helps no one.  Vive l’controverse!

One thought on “mostcontroversialpost

  1. I think it’s incredible that people went out of their way to send you hate mail when all you did was hold up a mirror. That English unit? Despicable. Too bad that leaking it to the media would have gotten you blackballed–I’m sure a fair number of taxpayers would be pretty grossed out at the thought.

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