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The Post Whose Success Surprised Me?  A Dirge; Or, Things You Should Never Buy On Sale
This one really did surprise me.  I wrote a blog about a rancid turkey and people had something to say about it.  That day, I had been struggling to find something to write about, and this just kind of popped out almost fully formed.  I was hungover and just looking to get something on the page.  This was a throwaway that turned out pretty well.

One thought on “postwhosesuccesssurprisedme

  1. I once had a similar experience when I was first out on my own, so this made me giggle. And of course I’m now super-vigilant around raw meat. If I detect something that approaches a wrong smell, I’ll give up. It took me a while to realize that white pepper smells like turned meat to me, too–something about it is just wrong.

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