When all the days you’ve left to spend

Turn left and left and left again

The circle is made and finally a hell

To roam around, a prison cell.


With razors, claws, you scratch the eyes

Of life and love to your demise,

And joke to hide away the pain

The malcontent, encumbered refrain.


A hateful heart, it tricks and fools

Those who stuck it out past the ridicule.

With ease, a game!  you throw the dice

And grind under heel those who paid your price.


One day you’ll wake and about you survey

The ruins of hearts you’ve thrown away.

Splendid!  What fun! Your mouth ashout,

As ssshhht, through the glass, your grains run out.


But here you stand, feet wide, askance

And slowly turn that reeling dance.

Lips asneer, upturned, to the bitter taste

Of the tiny gift you’ve laid to waste.