We Are Alive (scintilla #1)

This was it!  I was here!  As the pills kicked in, my pupils popped open and the city streetlights exploded into wild snapping sparklers, tickling my blinking lashes.  The line of people barely registered as we passed, a block and a half of them, wrapped around the building, chain-smoking clutches of gnashing teeth bouncing on the balls of their toes.  I could feel the eyes on my back as I rounded to the velvet rope and spoke with as much authority as I could muster:

“We’re on the Energy list….”

With almost disbelief, I watched a disembodied hand undo the clip, and the man it was attached to pointed us toward The Girl With The Clipboard.

“Jennifer plus three, “ I snapped my gum at her, the picture of nonchalance.  A moment of panic as she scanned through pages and then a flick of her Bic as she checked my name.  I smiled at the two Bs, my companions for the evening and lead the way.

We were in, with no waiting.  TWILO.

The music closed in and the dance floor loomed ahead, rushes of club kids closing the gaps and hundreds of bodies moving as one; an entity breathing and beating a single heartbeat.  Bodies close, so close around me, a baseline keeping time, an ocean, a sea, waving and building from the ground up…. Lifiting up up through my legs, my chest.  Through my fingertips electricity, and then, it held.   A 16, now a 32 then a 64 count….a flash of light and thousands of hands punching through the air in a single pounding rhythm.

Paul Van Dyk.

Over and over the music faded and built and crashed over me, dancing and pulling, swaying, caressing.  Lines of sweat dripped down my shirt and felt cool among the crush of all those other 98.6s.  Sexy and erotic the bass loomed inside, beating and pulsing, holding me aloft like a lover.  My body moved with other bodies, skin slid along skin, an orgy of sound and tempo change, slaves to the four-on-the-floor beat.

For hours I rushed over those waves, up and down and beamed into the faces of a shared experience.  When it came to an end, we three walked into the subtle glare of the dawn breaking, and stepped into a waiting taxi.  We wordlessly took our turns showering in a small studio overlooking the river.  As I stood on the terrace and smoked my last cigarette, the first B turned to me,  genuinely curious:

“Well, what’d you think?”

I didn’t need words to explain the smile on my face as my eyes closed toward the newly crested sun.  I was in love, and this music, this night, was my lover.


10 thoughts on “We Are Alive (scintilla #1)

  1. so, a few things. you and i should be better friends, because i love the dancing and the music in this same way. also, weird coincidence – twilo doesn’t exist anymore and the space it inhabited is being used for an experimental theater production called sleep no more, which i’ve been obsessed with for months and just attended last weekend. i’m super glad to have you doing this, and looking forward to what you come up with.

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