Note:  I wrote this while listening to the song.  There’s a link in the center.  Personally, I think you need to listen and read at the same time, but I know how some people feel about auto play music, so I’ve given you the choice.  There were many songs I could have chosen, but this was the one I kept coming back to.  


The Scene:  Junior year of college.  A rickety second-floor apartment off campus.  9pm.  Two girls, fast friends, laugh and smoke a joint.  They’ve just finished an afternoon of cleaning, have taken turns in the shower and are dressing and putting on makeup for a night Downtown (capital D).  The blonde, the DJ of the duo, places a disc in the changer and clicks forward to THEIR song. 

The brunette lights a Parliament and throws her arms up in the air, rolling her wrists in weaving spirals and her hips and shoulders in opposite directions.  She closes her eyes and feels the build, inhaling deeply on her cigarette, anticipating the leap, the break beat.  The blonde turns the volume up to MAX and starts rolling her hips, joining her friend.  One is all upper body and the other all lower, dark and light, opposite sisters in the candlelight.  Moving slowly, we begin to see the build in their bodies, soft and fluid.  And then, holding, holding, holding and BAM! the beat kicks in, both start bouncing off their calves into full jumps, hands closed now into fists. 

Through the flickers, they dance around each other smiling and totally comfortable.  Exhaling smoke and feeling the pulse of the beat even through the cheap, tinny speakers. 

For four minutes, we can see their lights shining; a deep and pure joy, a bond that will last into NOW which is, then, the unforeseeable future.  This night they’ll laugh and flirt and accept drinks.  They’ll play off of each other and revel in their brash sisterhood.  People will whisper and speculate but they will pay no mind.  They are growing, our girls, closer together with every moment.  In the morning and the weeks and years to come, they will hold each other together, one giving when the other needs to take then switching as the world demands. 

But tonight, now, they are yet girls and not women.  They are shedding the snakeskins of their teenaged ghosts and forming to each other a solid bond, a love, platonic and deep.  For these four minutes we can see the spark between them and cry at the beauty of the moment, a quiet and pure joy bursting out from their waving fingertips and silent smiles. 

As they dance, they let go of yesterday and together thrill toward tomorrow.  Right here, right now, there are these four minutes.  Play the song and we can see these girls, still dancing in the dim light, holding the beat in time…two bookmarks, just starting to turn into a story.


6 thoughts on “The Blonde and The Brunette

  1. Holy moley, I loved this last line. You made me want to call each and every one of my college roommates. Thanks for reminding me of this feeling and this time (it was so precious!!)

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