Tell Me Again That The Education System Is Fine And I’ll Knock Your Teeth Out

Well, if you kids follow me at all on the Twittah or the slightly more character-friendly Facebook, you’ve heard a bit about my recent employment saga and know that I’m kind of irritated.  And majorly disappointed.  And disillusioned.  And plain-old, fucking mad.

It’s official, as of today, that I have been completely passed over for a job that I really wanted.

“How badly did you want it?” you ask?

To put a finer point on it, let’s start by saying that I was happy making $10 an hour whilst performing its duties.  Maybe we’ll add that I religiously checked in on the process twice a week for the entirety of the summer and might have bordered on groveling.  And I’ll follow up by telling you that I don’t think I ever even once THOUGHT about complaining about having to GO.  And for someone who can find something to be snarky about in just about every situation, that’s fucking tops.

Was I underqualified?  No.  OVER qualified?  No.  Did I lack experience?  Absolutely not, considering I’d been doing the job for the second half of the school year last spring.  Did I have a record?  Piss someone off?  Were there people MORE qualified or better suited than me?  Had I not voiced my interest and enthusiasm clearly?  No, no, no and NO.  I met all requirements in spades, had a rapport with all staff members, knew the students and their individual challenges and found excitement in my chest instead of dread when waking up every morning to begin again.

I simply did not have enough SENIORITY.

And so, I was passed over, and not even given a chance to interview in favor of people who were already employed full-time in the district.

I was an unwitting participant in bureaucratic, union BULLSHIT.

I don’t expect to make any friends here for being anti-union, but that is now where I stand.

There were people considered who could not read AT the level of the students they were interviewing to HELP read.  Women I’d heard belittling the kids in the classes they’d be assisting: who vocally HATE their jobs and “the little shits” they “deal” with daily.

How is this possible?  How is it RIGHT?  How is this in the best interest of the kids who are having trouble learning?  Do you want YOUR children being taught by someone who has barely received their GED?  Pushed along by individuals who have no concern for quality of instruction or the job they’re doing past the paycheck?

I can’t wrap my head around it.  As a person who has always believed that there is always ONE MORE THING she can do to become successful or attain a goal or get her point across or simply have a productive day, I CANNOT FATHOM why I wasn’t even afforded an opportunity.  It galls me to have no control over a situation in the first place, let alone to be asked to believe that NOTHING THAT SHOULD HAVE MATTERED, DID.

I had no seniority.  Despite the fact that I’d worked in-district for a year and a half.  Despite my experience.  I was not a full-time staff member, and, as such, not in the union and not accruing ‘seniority’.  And to add insult, I cannot get a full-time position and accrue seniority without being a member of the union in a full-time position.

It just doesn’t add up.

So I will fill in as a substitute until the person hired wants to start (two weeks from now), and when she does, I will be paid $10/hour to train her on the job that I wasn’t considered for.  I will then go wherever the dispatch office sends me the next morning and continue to apply for jobs that I have no chance of getting.

Now tell me, why on earth would I want to spend money getting my Masters in Education?