Raze To Raise

In my second (wow!  just racking them up now!) contribution to this months Reverb world, I chose Day 8 from HERE.  

The prompt:  8. Health: How did you treat your body this year? You only get this one vessel one time around. In what ways can you cultivate better health for your body next year?


It was a real wench this year, my body; had a rough go of it.  She failed me and held me back and then threw hissy fits every time I pushed.  The amount of money she cost was unsettling, and at the end of it all, still wanted, NEEDED more.  Together, we battled it out (smoke-free, again!!) through the Les Mills certification process, countless plymetrics, depression, constipation, and, not least obnoxiously, two months of crutches. 

But she’s got no quit in her. 

After spending almost half of the year at less than 50%, my body has somehow managed to battle back, sending me throttling toward my mid-thirties in the best, fittest, most athletic shape of my life.   

She swung at every pitch.  So I just kept pitching, kept asking JUST A LITTLE MORE.    

I battered her and broke her.  Belittled her failures and lauded her successes.  I stroked her, caressed her, adored her and despised her.  My body monopolized my mind and time this year, and of any teachers, she’s been the most adept at leading me to a place of patience and acceptance. 

So, how did I treat her this year? 

Like she was meant to be treated. 

Next year will be more of the same.  It’s true, I DO only get one, so I’m gonna open this baby up and see what she can do. 


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